“iMy Place” by appsfirm.com.au – Affordable iPhone App Development

“iMy Place” is an iOS Mobile App by appsfirm.com.au – Affordable iPhone App Development Australia.

“iMy Place” is a Navigation utility that lets you to record places you’ve been so you can find them again easily. This is an iOS Mobile app designed for iPhone. Also this app is compatible with the iPad as well. This app will store your current location when ever you trying to add a new custom location in to your favorite location list.

“iMy Place”: iOS Mobile App Main Features
  • Add unlimited pins (locations)
  • 58 Custom location symbols
  • Email location details
  • All three map modes (Hybrid, Satellite, Normal map)
  • Switch to full screen or half with map list.


How to use this mobile app?

Assume you are in a new restaurant and you want to save the restaurant information to visit in future again. In old days you may ask for a visiting card from the wait staff. But with iMyPlace Mobile app you will never lost this location info. All you have to do is simply select the relevant restaurant symbol from the “custom Location Symbols” in the app. Add then to enter the Restaurant Name in location Marker / Title. Ex – “Chinese Restaurant” – the name of the restaurant. Then just to tap on the save button. Next time once you search for the location info, iMyPlace iOS Mobile App will let you search for the restaurant you are looking for. Then it will open the restaurant location in the Map Mode and will prompt you to find the direction from your current location. There are three map modes to choose from Hybrid, Satellite, Normal map mode.

We hope you’ll try out the “iMy Place” by appsfirm.com.au – Affordable iPhone App Development Australia and provide us with some feedback on what you like and where we can improve.
  • Date: March, 2013
  • Services: Affordable iPhone App Development - “iMy Place” by appsfirm.com.au