We design, build and develop custom mobile apps for iOS devices iPhones and iPads. Also we provide custom mobile application solutions for android phones and tablets.

Apps Firm mobile service team can help you design and develop custom mobile applications to meet your organization’s needs. We can assist in designing and developing applications across multiple platforms for use with the most widely supported handheld mobile devices. Each mobile application that we develop is designed specifically for our customers with emphasis on maintaining their unique business needs and corporate culture. Our development staff will create a highly operational mobile application that is both on-time and on-budget. View appsfirm.com.au Portfolio.


About our iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Name of the App: “Suresh Music” View App Info
Official Mobile Application of Artist Mr.Suresh Warnakula. This is a Mobile Application that we have developed for one of the famous artists in Switzerland.“Suresh Music” is a Mobile App developed by appsfirm.com.au – Mobile Apps Development Australia.
Local & Remote Database Driven Apps :

Name of the App: “Sinhala Lyrics” View App Info
This is your complete Sinhala song Lyrics iPhone app ever with Over 1700 Lyrics in Sinhala Fonts for 84 Artists!
Features: Search by Song Name, Search by Artist’s Name, Share with Friends Via Facebook, Request for more Lyrics you like.

Utility & Informational App Development:

Name of the App: “Sri Lanka Travel Guide” View App Info
This app is one of the most informative Travel Apps developed by appsfirm.com.au. Over 150 “Things To See Locations” in Sydney where each place comes with a detailed Description Page, separate Photo Gallery , Contact Information & GPS Location in map view for you to reach easily. This app is very useful for both local & overseas travelers.

Name of the App: “iMy Place” View App Info
“iMy Place” is a Navigation Utility that lets you to record places you’ve been so you can find them again easily. This app will store your current location when ever you are trying to add a new custom location in to your favorite location list. The app supports all three map modes (Hybrid, Satellite, Normal map) & allows to add unlimited pins.
RPG, Arcade, 2D & 3D Games Development:

Mobile App Name: “Foto Tiles” View App Info
This game can turn your own photo in to your puzzle! Just browse your photo album and grab your picture and the Foto Tiles will do the rest for you. You can customize each game with number of columns and rows based on your difficulty level. By default it loads some remarkable nature photos.

Mobile App Features

Image Gallery

Multiple Image Gallery Views are available to choose from. You can add up to any number of images or load your images directly from your FaceBook page.

Google Maps/ Geo-Location

Plot locations & events anywhere in the world with integrated Google Maps. Google Map Navigation will allows your clients to find you with in few seconds.

Video Player

Insert your profile videos with in the app or intergrate the videos via your YouTube Channel.

Social Media Integration

Embed YouTube video, enter a Twitter feed or integrate other Social Medias like Face Book. Display your Face Book Fan Page & allows your fans to like your app.

Instant Contact Facility

Featured Contact Info Page to display your Phone Nos, Email, Fax, Business Address & Website. Instant Direct Dialing or Emailing via the app.

Live Local News Update

Stay current with daily news updates & live weather updates. News Feeds are updated instantly in your app.

Multiple Views: Lists, Maps & Pages

Choose from a variety of ways to display your business services/contents: In a List View, on a Map or a Page View.

Rate My App / Feed Back System

Let your fans/customers to like your app via Facebook. Also let them rate your app and send you a feedback.

iAds & in App Purchasing

Use ad serving to generate revenue or allow users to make an in App purchase. If you can just come up with a great app idea, you’ll be a millionaire in few days! Your app idea is safe with appsfirm.com.au.

Submission to App Marketplaces - iStore

The appsfirm.com.au team take the hassles out of submission, no need to go-it alone. We take the responsibility of your app until it goes live in iTunes Store.

Advanced App Features : Only for Custom Designed Mobile Apps.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will allow your app to notify you or your clients about new messages or events. App-Specific Reminders, Event Reminders, Prescription/Appointment Reminders ….etc. You or your clients will never miss an important event or an update if your mobile app supports Push Notifications.

Offline capabilities

Many mobile apps could benefit from working without an Internet connection. Businesses often can’t limit where or when users will access the transactional apps they build. Without offline capabilities, the utility of the app is limited. So it’s important to make sure that, in or out of coverage, users can successfully access them.

Booking/Appointment System

A mobile app with a Booking/Appointment System will help to keep you in touch with your business anytime anywhere. Booking/Appointment System will supports to Book new appointments, Cancel or reschedule existing appointments, Check availability for the whole month at a glance and many more functionality to support your business.

Change Content Real-Time

Take power of Content Management System to maintain your mobile app with ongoing updates. Once a mobile app is live in the App Store, changing content does not require a re-submission to the App Store. All the modifications will be instantly updated in your live app and no waiting time for another version to be approved by iTune Store or Google Play.

Product Catalogue

Full product catalogue, price lists, product imagery, product details, customer address book, quick searching and ordering all with in your mobile app. Product catalouge will facilitates browsing products with multi-tiered categories, product lists with thumbnails, full-screen category gallery viewer, product details page (with image gallery, description, pricing fields).

Shopping Cart/Payment Integration

Shopping Cart/Payment Integration Facility. This involves handling online Payment via Credit Cards or Paypal.